Heljan Summer 2021 update

Heljan Summer 2021 update

Heljan has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its forthcoming ‘O’ gauge BR Mk 1 Covered Carriage Truck (CCT) for assessment by the development team. This and a host of other updates on current model projects have been shared by the company.


The all-new ‘O’ gauge CCT is currently being checked over before any necessary corrections are made to the tooling. This new addition to the range will feature compensated axles, sprung buffers, flush glazing and fine wire handrails. Release is still on track for mid-2022.


Heljan has also approved the tooling for its new ‘O’ gauge BR Mk 2 carriages. Ahead of the artwork being completed, the company has issued images of a hand-decorated sample of a BR Mk 2 Tourist Open Second (TSO) vehicle in BR blue and grey to whet the appetite. Further examples include Brake Second Open (BSO), Brake Corridor First (BCK) and First Corridor (FK) vehicles.


Continuing the ‘O’ gauge theme, the centre-headcode BR Class 40 diesels and refurbished Class 31/1s and 31/4s are currently en route to the UK, with arrival expected in August. Production is now focusing on the next batch of ‘O’ gauge BR Class 60 diesels, with a raft of new liveries including unbranded Railfreight triple grey and DB red, as well as fully-finished examples of 60021 Penyghent in GB Railfreight colours, 60059 Swinden Dalesman in Loadhaul orange and black, 60028 in Cappagh branded blue, 60081 Isambard Kingdom Brunel in GWR lined green and 60046 William Wilberforce in DC Rail Freight grey.


Heljan’s second run of ‘O’ gauge BR Class 50 diesels is also in production, with six different colour schemes planned including unnumbered BR blue, BR large logo blue with grey or black roofs and BR revised Network SouthEast light blue, together with fully-finished 50036 Victorious in large logo blue and 50019 Ramillies in ‘Laira’ blue with a weathered finish.


Following the popularity of the first two batches, Heljan has announced a third tranche of its ‘O’ gauge BR Class 37/4s, with two unnumbered examples in BR large logo blue (Cat No. 3741) and Trainload Freight triple grey (3745), along with fully-finished 37418 Pectindae in Railfreight Petroleum triple grey (3753), 37426 Y Lein Fach/Vale of Rheidol in BR large logo blue (3754), 37404 Ben Cruachan in weathered BR large logo blue (3755), 37425 Sir Robert McAlpine/Concrete Bob in weathered Railfreight Construction triple grey (3756) and 37413 Loch Eil Outward Bound in Railfreight Distribution triple grey (3757).


Heljan's 'OO9' scale Lynton & Barnstaple Baldwin 2-4-2T 762 Lyn is now due with retailers during July. Six versions are due for release in Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, transition and Southern Railway liveries together with a plain black example for those wishing to customise their models.


The manufacturer has also confirmed that development on its previously-announced ‘O’ gauge GWR ‘2251’ 0-6-0 has been halted to enable the company to focus on ‘O’ gauge models with greater demand, such as the BR Class 26/27, 47, 56 and 73. Decorated samples are awaited for all bar the Class 73. First Engineering Prototype samples for this latter locomotive are expected to arrive shortly. See the accompanying tables for the current status of Heljan’s ‘O’ and ‘OO’ gauge production schedule.

Visit www.heljan.co.uk for more details.



GWR ‘2251’ 0-6-0 Halted N/A
Class 02 diesel shunter Tooling approved. Deco samples awaited 2022
Class 26/1  Tooling approved. Deco samples awaited 2022
Class 27  Tooling approved. Deco samples awaited 2022
Class 31 (refurbished) Complete August 2021
Class 40 (centre headcode) Complete August 2021
Class 47  Final deco samples awaited Late 2021
Class 50 (second batch) In production Late 2021
Class 56 Deco samples awaited Late 2021/Early 2022
Class 60 (second batch) Deco samples received Sept/Oct 2021
Class 73/1 First EP sample due shortly 2022
Class 117/121/122 DMUs Final deco samples awaited 2022
BR Mk 1 CCT First EP received 2022
BR Mk 2 carriages Tooling approved. Deco artwork in progress 2022
LMS Inspection saloon Design work in progress TBA



LNER '02' 2-8-0 (new batch) Improved samples awaited 2022
Class 02 diesel shunter In tooling 2022
Ruston 165DE Awaiting deco samples Late 2021/Early 2022
Class 25 (second batch) Awaiting deco samples Late 2021/Early 2022
Class 33/0 (new batch) Deco samples approved Q4 2021
Class 47 Tooling approved. Deco samples in preparation TBA
Class 86/4  Tooling approved. Deco samples in preparation Q2 2022
GWR diesel railcar In production July/August 2021
Class 104 DMU Design work in progress 2022