Heljan receives LNER ‘U1’ running sample

Heljan has received a running sample of its newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge LNER  Beyer-Garratt ‘U1’ 2-8-0+0-8-2 for evaluation.

The solitary LNER ‘U1’ was built to bank trains up the arduous Worsborough Bank in Yorkshire. It was tested by British Railways on the Lickey Incline and was also converted to burn oil, but was withdrawn and scrapped in 1955.

Heljan has received running samples of the new U1 Bayer Garratt

Above: Heljan has received running samples of the new LNER 'U1' Beyer Garratt for 'OO' gauge.

Heljan’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge model will cater for both coal fire and oil burning variations and will also feature twin motors with flywheel, LED lamps, factory-fitted speakers, sprung buffers, removable cab roof, headlamps, firebox glow, 21 pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket and compatibility with smoke generators. Additionally the model will cater for two types of smokebox,  original or short water tank breather pipes and two types of coal bunkers.

Heljan is catering for all liveries and variations the prototype appeared in, with the model set to appear in LNER photographic grey (a Locomotion/Rails exclusive), LNER black (as built), LNER black as 9999 (post-war), BR black with serif lettering, BR black with early crests and BR black with early crests (oil burner with headlight).

Priced at £399 DCC Ready and £520 DCC sound-fitted, the model is planned for release in 2025.

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