Holly Bank Grove MPD - 'OO' steam in the North East

Gauge: 'OO' | Period: 1955-1963 | Region: North Eastern Region | Operating team: Ian Forsyth

Holly Bank Grove MPD

Holly Bank Grove is a busy running shed on the ECML ( East Coast Main Line) just south of York station. The shed (fictitious) can be used as an overflow for the main York sheds especially at busy times and today is one of those times.

Mostly ex-North Eastern, Great Northern and the more modern BR built steam locomotives appear on shed along with some London Midland locomotives working through from such places as Leeds, Sheffield and Derby.

Locomotives are serviced and made ready for their next turn of duty or can be held for longer periods if required. The shed can only undertake light repairs. Turns supplied by the shed include express passenger trains to London King's Cross or northwards to Newcastle and Edinburgh, local passenger trains, holiday excursions along with many freight turns.

Like many big sheds along the ECML, Holly Bank Grove always has a 'Pacific' class locomotive on standby incase of a failure on one of the crack express trains, in this sheds case it will handle all southbound trains. Diesels are also a regular sight at Holly Bank Grove.

Many of the models are kit built from various sources mainly PDK, DJH, Dave Alexander along with ready-to-run models. All models are weathered and detailed as required. The time period is from about 1955-1963.

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