A2/2 and A2/3 samples debut

'A2/2' and 'A2/3' samples

Hornby has taken delivery of the first engineering samples of its new ‘OO’ gauge Thompson ‘A2/2’ and ‘A2/3’ class ‘Pacifics’, together with an early running sample for evaluation by the company’s development team.

Announced in early January, two Thompson ‘A2/2’ 4-6-2s are planned as 60501 Cock o’ the North in BR lined green with early crests (R3830) and 60505 Thane of Fife in BR lined green with late crests (R3831), while four Thompson ‘A2/3’ 4-6-2s will appear as 500 Edward Thompson in LNER green (R3832), 514 Chamossaire in LNER green (R3833), 60512 Steady Aim in BR lined green with early crests (R3834) and 60523 Sun Castle in BR lined green with late crests (R3835).

Models will feature a five-pole skew wound motor, 8-pin DCC decoder socket, space for a 28mm diameter speaker and NEM coupling pockets.

Extensive research by the development team will enable Hornby to model two cab types for the ‘A2/2s’, together with alternative chimneys, smokebox door layouts, lamp brackets and more. Meanwhile, the ‘A2/3’ tooling suite boasts two boiler types, six smokebox door layouts, different chimneys as well as countersunk and snap-head rivetted examples of the 1936 pattern tenders.

Prices are set at £189.99 each, with delivery currently slated for late 2020/early 2021.

Visit www.hornby.com for more details.