Hornby finalises 'A2/3' CAD drawings

CAD DRAWING WORK FOR Hornby’s new ‘OO’ model of the LNER ‘A2/3’ 4-6-2 has been completed with images of the drawings for 500 Edward Thompson being released at the end of February.

The ‘A2/3’ 4-6-2s were introduced by Thompson in 1946 as a follow-up to his conversions of the ‘P2’ 2-8-2s to the ‘A2/2’ 4-6-2s. In total 15 ‘A2/3s’ were built with their characteristic features including smoke deflectors and the cylinders set behind the pony truck but in front of the leading driving wheels.

Hornby’s new ‘OO’ gauge model is due to be released in winter 2020/2021 and will feature an 8-pin decoder socket, space for a 28mm round speaker, locomotive drive and more. Prices are set at £189.99 per locomotive with four engines planned in the first round of releases. These will model 500 Edward Thompson (Cat No. R3832) and 514 Chamossaire (R3833) in LNER lined apple green together with 60512 Steady Aim in BR lined green with early crests (R3834) and 60523 Sun Castle in BR lined green with late crests (R3835).

Visit www.hornby.com for more information.