Hornby issues APT-P formation guides


Hornby has issued a useful set of graphics to confirm the intended formations of its forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge models of BR’s Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train Prototype.

A five-car pack of 370003/004 (Cat No. R3873) and a seven-car pack of 370001/002 (R3874) are currently planned with additional trailer vehicle twin packs offered to complete prototypical sets of up to 14 vehicles in the respective early (plain yellow front) and later (black windshield) APT livery. Sufficient twin-packs of trailers (R40011/40012/40013/40014) will be available together with an additional motorised Non Driving Motor (NDM) vehicle (R3948) to complete unit 370003/370004, while trailer car twin-packs R40011A/ TU R40012A/R40013A/R40014A to form a 14-car 370001/370002, TU which also features both a TF motorised and a dummy NDM vehicle, are also planned. Whilst R3874 also comes with the APT-U Development vehicle included, this can be removed from the formation if developing a full 14 NDM set.

Visit www.hornby.com for more information.