Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards | THE RESULTS


The winners of the second annual Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards were revealed at a special evening event attended by exhibitors, retailers and manufacturers at the Great Electric Train Show in Milton Keynes on October 12. With more than double the number of votes over the 2018 awards, MARK CHIVERS rounds up the 12 winners selected by Hornby Magazine readers.


Manufacturer of the Year

The headline award for Hornby Magazine Manufacturer of the Year went to Hornby Hobbies. Each brand that delivered brand-new items during the year were included in the vote, with Hornby receiving more than 25% of the share.

The manufacturer’s impressive release schedule over the past 12 months delivered the Maunsell ‘Lord Nelson’ 4-6-0 (HM139), Stanier streamlined ‘Duchess’ 4-6-2 (HM140), Holmes ‘J36’ 0-6-0 (HM141), Stroudley ‘Terrier’ 0-6-0T (HM143), Peckett ‘B2’ 0-6-0ST (HM148), Collett bow-end suburban carriages (HM143), Bulleid 59ft corridor carriages (HM146), BR Mk 2F carriages (HM147), LNER 20ton ‘Toad’ brake van (HM140) and the TTS 12ton ventilated van (HM141).

Runners-up were Bachmann Europe in second place and Hatton’s Originals in third position.


Best OO gauge locomotive

Kicking off the motive power awards, Kernow Model Rail Centre won the Best ‘OO’ Gauge Locomotive award for its D600 ‘Warship’ A1A-A1A diesel-hydraulic (HM143).

It was first announced in 2010 and following a long period under development, the new models touched down during March 2019. Six versions were produced with headcode disc and headcode box variants in BR green and BR blue liveries. Bachmann’s high-fidelity ‘OO’ gauge Class 90 Bo-Bo electric (HM145) came second followed by Hornby’s Southern Railway ‘Lord Nelson’ 4-6-0 (HM139) in third place.


Best O gauge locomotive

Heljan’s English Electric Class 37/4 Co-Co diesel (HM146) was awarded Best ‘O’ Gauge Locomotive from this year’s votes.

A popular prototype, Heljan’s ‘O’ gauge model was released during the summer and was offered in six different colour schemes covering BR green, BR ‘large logo’ blue, BR Railfreight triple grey, InterCity Mainline, Regional Railways and EWS maroon and gold. In addition to standard unnumbered releases, two exclusive limited editions were produced for Hatton’s Model Railways as 37401 Mary Queen of Scots and 37408 Loch Rannoch in ‘large logo’ blue.

Heljan dominated the ‘O’ gauge locomotive category in 2019 with the runners-up being its GWR ‘Large Prairie’ 2-6-2T (HM137) in second place and the Class 25/3 Bo-Bo diesel (HM138) in third.


Best N gauge locomotive

This year’s award for Best ‘N’ Gauge Locomotive went to Bachmann for its Graham Farish ‘N’ gauge Western Region Blue Pullman (HM138).

This stunning six-car model featured newlytooled cab front multiple working jumper cables, as fitted to the prototype following transfer to BR’s Western Region in the late 1960s. Repainted in reverse grey and blue, the Graham Farish model appeared in shops during February 2019.

Runners-up were the Graham Farish ‘N’ gauge South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR) ‘C’ Class 0-6-0 (HM147) in second place and Dapol’s Class 142 ‘Pacer’ DMU (HM141) in third position.


Best OO gauge carriage

On the rolling stock front, Hornby’s ‘OO’ gauge Southern Railway Bulleid 59ft corridor stock (HM146) took the lion’s share of the vote, winning the Best ‘OO’ Gauge Carriage award.

The new vehicles comprised a Brake Third Corridor (BTK) and Corridor Composite (CK) with detail differences between the Southern Railway and British Railways liveried coaches. The first models appeared during June 2019 with vehicles numbered correctly to form two prototypical threecoach sets per colour scheme.

Bachmann’s ‘OO’ gauge BR Mk 2F carriages (HM137) came second while the same manufacturer’s BR Mk 1 POT Post Office Stowage van (HM138) came third.


Best OO gauge wagon

With fifteen wagons to choose from, the voting in this category was intense with Oxford Rail’s ‘Boche Buster’ rail-mounted gun (HM143) taking the title of Best ‘OO’ Gauge Wagon.

This stand-out model debuted in March 2019 and offered something quite different to what has gone before with its large Howitzer rail-mounted gun and seemingly endless number of axles. It has been released singly and in a pack with a Railway Operating Department (ROD) liveried ‘Dean Goods’ 0-6-0. A version with a sound fitted ‘Dean Goods’ is also due soon.

Runners-up were Hatton’s Originals’ Rail Head Treatment Train (HM144) in second place and Hornby’s LNER 20ton ‘Toad’ brake van (HM140) in third.


Best O gauge wagon

Dapol’s ‘O’ gauge BR 20ton brake van (HM138) just pipped its rivals to the post to be crowned Best ‘O’ Gauge Carriage or Wagon for 2019. The model first appeared just as last year’s Hornby Magazine Yearbook No. 11 had gone to press and proved a popular choice with BR grey and BR bauxite options offered.

Voting in this category was keenly contested, with Darstaed’s BR Mk 1 57ft Gangway Brake (HM148) coming a very close second - the only carriage type to appear during the year prior to the voting for the 2019 awards going live. Accurascale’s superbly detailed BR 24.5ton HUO hopper wagon (HM142) was hot-onthe- heels in third position.


Best N gauge carriage

Graham Farish’s stunning ‘N’ gauge South Eastern and Chatham Railway (SECR) ‘Birdcage’ carriages (HM144) deservedly won the award for Best ‘N’ Gauge Carriage or Wagon.

These diminutive models appeared on shop shelves during April 2019 with three variants produced comprising a Brake Third (BT), Composite Lavatory (CL) and Brake Composite Lavatory (BCL) in SECR wellington brown, Southern Railway olive green and BR crimson. Each livery was sold as a threecoach pack allowing modellers to form an accurate formation.

Dapol’s ‘N’ gauge HIA limestone hopper wagon (HM148) took second place, while Revolution Trains’ IZA Cargowaggon twin sets (HM139) was a close third.


Layout of the Year

Bournemouth West (HM146) was awarded Hornby Magazine’s Layout of the Year award from a choice of twelve main feature layouts that have appeared within and on the cover of Hornby Magazine during the previous twelve months. Built by the South Coast Model Railway Development Group, this stunning 33ft x 15ft ‘OO’ finescale layout models the southern terminus of the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway in the 1959-1962 period. It also attended the 2019 Great Electric Train Show.

Runners-up were Michael Smith’s huge 40ft x 13ft 6in ‘OO’ gauge layout Lakeside (HM138) in second position and John Ryan’s stunning 120ft x 34ft ‘O’ gauge layout Over Peover in third place.


Innovation of the Year

Each year we consider products that go that extra mile to come up with something special and this year’s winner was Train-Tech’s Smart Screen display board, receiving 40% of the overall votes. Primarily intended for ‘OO’ gauge use as a station platform indicator board, it could equally be installed in a modern multiple unit or used for road gantries, bus stations and the like. With an ethos to keep model technology simple, the Smart Screen is straightforward to set up and can be controlled using buttons, Digital Command Control (DCC), the manufacturer’s own track sensor system and more.

Hornby’s Twin Track Sound (TTS) ventilated van took second place, while Gaugemaster’s Scenic Sounds module came in third.


Retailer of the Year

This year, the retailer awards were revised to offer a more clearly defined short list, with Rails of Sheffield being awarded Hornby Magazine Retailer of the Year 2019 for the second year running by the public vote.

Established in the 1970s, this family run business is now one of the UK’s largest suppliers of new and pre-owned model railway equipment, as well as venturing into manufacturing its own products such as the forthcoming Stroudley ‘Terrier’ 0-6-0T with Dapol and SECR D’ 4-4-0 with Locomotion Models and Dapol. It also took delivery of the first of its new SECR box vans as Hornby Magazine closed for press.

Runners-up were Hatton’s Model Railways in second place and Kernow Model Rail Centre in third position.


Specialist retailer of the year

Scale Model Scenery took the award for Hornby Magazine Specialist Retailer of the Year. Based in Leicestershire, Scale Model Scenery designs and manufactures its own range of downloadable, laser-cut and 3D-printed accessories and building kits as well as stocking a wide range of modelling materials from other suppliers too. Recently developed products include laser-cut galvanised steel field gates, sash-style window frames, temporary road signs, 3D-printed pallet stacks and more.

Runners-up were DCC Concepts in second place and Train-Tech in third place.