Awards 2020

What was your favourite model of the last 12 months? Have your say by voting in the 2020 Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards here - with a bumper crop of new products vying to top the charts in each category.

Awards 2020

Above: An impressive 27 new locomotives have been released in the last 12 months across ‘OO’, ‘N’ and ‘O’ gauge. Choose your favourite in the 2020 Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards.

VOTING IS OPEN NOW for the 2020 Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards - and you can place your votes on this page and be entered into a prize draw to win a Hornby DB Schenker liveried Class 60 for ‘OO’ gauge and an exclusive three-year subscription to Hornby Magazine with a total value of more than £300! In addition we have 10 runner up prizes of a copy of the Hornby Magazine Yearbook bookazine. Voting closes on November 16 2020.

The awards listing is strong this year. An impressive 27 brand new locomotives have arrived in the last 12 months across ‘OO’, ‘N’ and ‘O’ gauges, making this year’s choice for the Best Locomotive in each scale a really intense competition. We’ve also seen 19 new items of rolling stock pass through the Hornby Magazine office while innovations have continued to come from companies large and small despite the challenges that all manufacturers have faced during 2020 due to Covid-19.

For a reminder of the nominees in each category, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see images of all the models and layouts which are in this year's vote.

The Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards are your chance to show your support for manufacturers large and small. The winners will be announced in HM163 and online in a special presentation by the Hornby Magazine team.

Awards 2020

Above: Bachmann impressed with its 45ton Ransomes and Rapier steam crane for ‘OO’ gauge (HM152).

Awards 2020

Above: Dapol upgraded its signals with a new mechanism, the introduction of bracket signals and a new line of 7mm scale working signals (HM151).

Awards 2020

Above: A new name in model railways is EFE Rail. The brand’s first all-new model is the Class 17 Bo-Bo diesel for ‘N’ gauge (HM160).


Select your choices from the lists below and submit by entering your email in the box provided to place your vote in the Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards.

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Best ‘O’ gauge locomotive
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Best ‘OO’ gauge carriage or wagon
Best ‘O’ gauge carriage or wagon
Best ‘N’ gauge carriage or wagon
Manufacturer of the Year 2020
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Specialist retailer of the Year
Innovation of the Year 2020


Best 'OO' gauge
locomotive nominees


Above: Bachmann LNER 'J72' 0-6-0T (HM149)


Above: Hornby Ruston 48DS 4wDM (HM150)

Class 66

Above: Hatton's Class 66 Co-Co diesel (HM152)

Class 159

Above: Bachmann Class 158/159 DMU (HM153)

Class 24

Above: Bachmann Class 24/1 Bo-Bo diesel (HM153)

Class 29

Above: Dapol Class 21/29 Bo-Bo diesel (HM153/HM154)


Above: Hornby LMS 'Princess Royal' 4-6-2 (HM154)


Above: Dapol GWR parcels railcar (HM154)


Above: Hornby Stephenson's Rocket 0-2-2 (HM154)

Class 121

Above: Bachmann Class 121 DMU (HM155)


Above: Rails of Sheffield LBSCR 'Terrier' 0-6-0T (HM157)

Class 117

Above: Bachmann Class 117 DMU (HM158)


Above: Hornby GWR 'Large Prairie' 2-6-2T (HM158)


Above: EFE Rail Hunslet 'Austerity' 0-6-0ST (HM160)


Above: Hornby, Hornby Dublo LMS 'Duchess' 4-6-2 (HM160)


Above: OO Works LSWR '0330' 0-6-0ST (HM160)


Above: Bachmann 2-HAP EMU (HM161)

Best 'O' gauge
locomotive nominees


Above: Dapol GWR '14XX' 0-4-2T (HM150/HM156)


Above: Hatton's Gresley 'A3' 4-6-2 (HM151)

Class 50

Above: Heljan Class 50 Co-Co diesel (HM152)


Above: Dapol Sentinel 4wVBT (HM152)

Class 33

Above: Heljan Class 33/0 Bo-Bo diesel (HM153)

Class 03

Above: Heljan Class 03 0-6-0 (HM153)


Above: Hatton's Gresley 'A4' 4-6-2 (HM157)


Best 'N' gauge
locomotive nominees

Class 50

Above: Dapol Class 50 Co-Co diesel (HM149)

Class 17

Above: EFE Rail Class 17 Bo-Bo diesel (HM160)

Class 41

Above: Dapol Class 41 prototype HST (HM161)

Best 'OO' gauge carriage
or wagon nominees

Mk 3SD

Above: Hornby Mk 3 sliding door carriages (HM157)


Above: Kernow Model Rail Centre PRA wagon (HM149)


Above: Bachmann Ransomes and Rapier 45ton steam crane (HM151)


Above: Accurascale PFA container flats (HM153)


Above: Hornby LSWR 24ton brake van (HM153)


Above: Hornby LMS 20ton brake van (HM153)


Above: Irish Railway Models fertiliser wagons (HM156)


Above: Bachmann HKA coal hopper (HM160)


Above: Cavalex Models BBA steel wagon (HM161)


Above: Oxford Rail 12ton four-wheel tanker (HM161)


Above: Irish Railway Models 42ft container flats and modules (HM161)


Best 'O' gauge carriage
or wagon nominees

Mk 1

Above: Ellis Clark Trains BR Mk 1 suburbans (HM149)


Above: Dapol BR 8ton banana van (HM156)


Above: Dapol BR 'Turbot' spoil wagon (HM160)


Best 'N' gauge carriage
or wagon nominees


Above: Sonic Models VEA box van (HM149)


Above: C=Rail KQA Pocket Wagon (HM150)


Above: Realtrack Models PCA cement tanker (HM153)


Above: Revolution Trains KFA container flat (HM153)


Above: Revolution Trains HOA coal hopper (HM155)


Above: Graham Farish Thompson coaches (HM158)


Above: Graham Farish HKA coal hopper (HM160)

Mk 2F

Above: Graham Farish BR Mk 2F carriages (HM161)

Layout of the Year nominees


Above: Redhill - BR Southern Region, 1960s (HM149) - 'OO' gauge.


Above: Minories - BR Eastern Region, 1970s (HM149) - 'EM' gauge.


Above: Bellingham - BR Midland Region, 1960s (HM149) - 'OO' gauge.


Above: Chilcompton - BR Somerset and Dorset Railway, 1960s (HM150) - 'OO' gauge.

Norwood Road

Above: Norwood Road - BR Southern Region, 2000 (HM150) - 'OO' gauge.


Above: Burdale Quarry - BR Midland Region, 1970s (HM150) - Scale Seven.


Above: Smallwood - BR Midland Region, 1970s (HM151) - 'OO' gauge.


Above: Churminster - Southern Railway, 1940s (HM151) - 'OO' gauge.


Above: Brinklow - BR Midland Region, 1950s-1960s (HM151) - 'N' gauge.

Yorkshire Dales Model Railway

Above: Yorkshire Dales Model Railway - BR Eastern Region, 1960s (HM152) - 'OO' gauge.

Cornwallis Yard

Above: Cornwallis Yard - Great Western Railway, 1930s (HM152) - 'EM' gauge.


Above: Wimborne - BR Southern Region (HM153) - 'OO' gauge.

Ilkeston Town

Above: Ilkeston Town - London Midland and Scottish Railway, 1930s (HM153) - 'OO' gauge.

Furnace 5

Above: Furnace 5 - Industrial steel works railway, 2000s (HM153) - 'OO' gauge.

Shenston Road

Above: Shenston Road - BR Western Region, 1968-1970 (HM154) - 'EM' gauge.


Above: Portsea - BR Southern Region, 1960s (HM154) - 3mm scale.

Bradwell Point

Above: Bradwell Point - BR 2000s (HM154) - 'OO' gauge.

Cherry Orchard

Above: Cherry Orchard - BR Eastern Region 1960s (HM155) - 'O' gauge.

St Cuthberts

Above: St Cuthberts - BR Scottish Region, 1960s (HM155) - 'OO' gauge.

Immingham Depot

Above: Immingham Depot - BR Eastern Region, 1960s (HM155) - 'OO' gauge.

Heaton Lodge

Above: Heaton Lodge Junction - BR Midland Region, 1980s (HM156) - 'O' gauge.

Ambleton Vale

Above: Ambleton Vale - BR Western Region, 1960s (HM156) - 'N' gauge.

Gorpeton Blymee

Above: Gorpeton Blymee - Great Western Railway, 1940s (HM156) - 'OO' gauge.


Above: Middleton-in-Teesdale - London North Eastern Railway, 1930s (HM157) - 'OO' gauge.


Above: Pempoul - French metre gauge, 1950s (HM157) - 1:50 scale.

Eden Road

Above: Eden Road - Privatisation era, 2000s (HM157) - 'OO' gauge.


Above: Neely - Privatisation era, 2000s (HM158) - 'N' gauge.

Theobald's Yard

Above: Theobald's Yard - Industrial narrow gauge, 1940s (HM158) - 7mm scale.

Fenny Stratford

Above: Fenny Stratford - BR Midland Region, 1960s (HM159) - 'OO' gauge.

Gravesdown South

Above: Gravesdown South - BR Western Region, 1970s (HM159) - 'OO' gauge.

Ashbury Wharf

Above: Ashbury Wharf - Narrow gauge, 1960s (HM159) - 'OO9' gauge.

The Gresley Beat

Above: The Gresley Beat - London North Eastern Railway, 1930s (HM160) - 'OO' gauge.

Binns Road East

Above: Binns Road East - Hornby Dublo table top layout (HM160) - 'OO' gauge.

Railmen of Kent

Above: Railmen of Kent Great Model Railway Challenge layouts (HM160) - 'OO' gauge.


Above: Newpool-on-Trent - BR Midland Region, 1960s (HM161) - 'OO' gauge.


Above: Barnetby - BR Eastern Region, 1970-2015 (HM161) - 'N' gauge.

Rainbow Line

Above: The Rainbow Line - anything goes (HM161) - 'G' scale.

Kinwardine Wharf

Above: Kinwardine Wharf - Industrial narrow gauge (HM161) - 'OO9' gauge.