Hornby receives APT deco sample

Hornby receives APT deco sample


Hornby has received decorated samples of its forthcoming all-new ‘OO' gauge model of British Rail's Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train (APT) for evaluation by the development team.


First announced in 2020, two APT models are planned as 370003/004 in a five car train pack (Cat No. R3873) carrying original InterCity Executive colours, while 370001/002 will be offered as a seven-car train pack (R3874) in the revised colour scheme with black cab window surrounds, as demonstrated in the accompanying photographs. Hornby is also tooling sufficient vehicles to reproduce prototypical APT formations – up to 14 vehicles in total.


Hornby's new APT will also feature a five-pole skew wound motor and 8-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder sockets, while the highly-detailed body tooling will be enhanced with etched metal parts and impressive printed detailing, including the distinctive printed destination boards displayed behind the glazing.


As with the real thing, Hornby's model has been designed to tilt on corners, will feature articulated bogies and even the power car's pantograph follows prototypical practice of being attached to the bogies (rather than the body), enabling it to maintain better contact with the overhead live wires while travelling at high speed.


The five-car pack will comprise Driving Trailer Second (DTS) Sc48103, Trailer Brake First (TBF) Sc48603, Non Driving Motor (NDM) Sc49003 City of Derby from 370003, together with TBF Sc48604 and DTS Sc48104 from 370004. The seven-car pack will include DTS Sc48101, TBF Sc48601, NDM Sc49001 from set 370001 and NDM (unpowered) Sc49002, TBF Sc48602, DTS Sc48102 from set 370002 and APT-U development car 48204. Further vehicles including Trailer Restaurant Buffet Second, Trailer Unclassed, Trailer First and Trailer Second examples will be available separately in twin-packs.  


Prices are set at £394.99 for the five-car train pack and £484.99 for the seven-car train pack. Trailer vehicle twin-packs are priced at £89.99 per pack. Delivery is expected later this Summer.

Visit www.hornby.com for more information.