Hornby receives ‘Coronation Scot’ 3D samples


Development of Hornby’s 2020 collection of LMS ‘Coronation Scot’ carriages for ‘OO’ gauge saw the arrival of a set of 3D printed stereolithography samples. These are produced to inspect DTS CAD drawing work in a 3D format before progressing to the tooling stage.

The Hornby collection will cover Stanier Diagram 1912 50ft Restaurant Kitchen 30084 and 30086 (Cat No. R4963/R4963A), Diagram 1902 65ft Restaurant First Open 7507 TRBS Diagram 1981 57ft Restaurant Third Open 8961, 8993 and 8996 (R4965/R4965A/ R4965B), Diagram 1905 57ft Brake Third Corridor 5812 (R4960), Diagram 1960 First Corridor 1069 (R4962) and Diagram 1961 57ft Brake First Corridor 5052 (R4961).

The first batch will be released TF in LMS lined Caledonian Blue to match the streamlined ‘Princess Coronation’ 4-6-2s released by Hornby in the same colour scheme. Release is currently estimated as Autumn 2020 with prices set at £47.99 per coach.

Visit www.hornby.com for more information.