Hornby releases updated accessory decoder


A new version of Hornby’s R8247 Digital Command Control Accessory Decoder is being released in March. This new version supports programmable pulse duration, has a built in Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU), three address modes and can support up to 2,044 addresses.

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Outwardly the R8247 V2 matches the original 2006 released decoder. It can be used to switch point motors and accessories and can now be configured to operate continuously or with a set number of pulses. Addresses can be set in groups of four as standard to while more capable controllers can access the full range of accessory addresses up to 2044.

The accessory decoder also now features a built in CDU which stores energy to assist in providing a positive throw for solenoid motors. The CDU is made up of four 4,700uf capacitors and takes around four seconds to charge. The decoder provides a maximum of 240mA and each port provides 14v DC.

A comprehensive 19-page manual is available for the new R8247 V2 accessory decoder which includes full details of its programming modes and options.