Hornby shares 3D ‘P2’ renders

Hornby shares 3D ‘P2’ renders

Hornby has released images of the latest 3D CAD renders of its forthcoming ‘OO' gauge London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) 'P2’ 2-8-2s.

Above/below: LNER 2002 Earl Marischal - note double smoke deflectors (Cat No. R3984)


Three newly-tooled ‘P2s’ are currently in development as 2003 Earl Marischal in lined LNER green (Cat No. R3984), streamlined 2003 Lord President in LNER lined green (R3985) and ‘new-build' 2007 Prince of Wales in LNER lined green (R3983) as it is due to appear when construction of the full-size engine is complete in 2022.

Above/below: Streamlined LNER 'P2' 2003 Lord President (R3985) 


Each of the 3D renders demonstrates the level of detail being incorporated and also reflects a raft of recent amendments including the reworking of each locomotive's chassis. Earl Marischal has also received revised front bogie detail, together with corrections to rivet detail and a rework to the rear of the chassis. Refinements have also been undertaken on 2003 Lord President to capture the correct shaping of the streamlined casing, while the modern-day appearance of 2007 Prince of Wales will also be accurately reflected with unique detail differences such as the tender design, reduced smokebox beading and Caprotti valve gear. Cab interiors will also accurately reflect their respective prototypes.

Above/below: New build 'P2' 2007 Prince of Wales - note detail differences, including Caprotti valve gear (R3983)


Priced at £209.99 each, release dates have yet to be confirmed.





Visit www.hornby.com for more information.