Hornby shares Mk4 progress

Hornby shares Mk4 progress


Hornby’s development team has received running samples of its newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge BR Mk 4 carriages for evaluation.

These latest arrivals cover all variants of the new 'OO' gauge BR Mk 4 vehicles as well as affording a first glimpse of the distinctive Trailer Standard Open End (TSOE) carriage which correctly includes metal buffers at one end and omits the corridor connection at this end too.


Hornby's all-new ‘OO’ gauge BR Mk 4 carriages will be available in BR InterCity, GNER, LNER and Transport For Wales (TFW) colour schemes and will incorporate authentic detail differences according to the era represented. Hornby's extensive tooling suite will cater for variations to the catering/service vehicle in First Class and Standard Class orientations (RFB/RSB), while the Mk 4 Driving Van Trailer (DVT) will also be produced in original and later conditions – the latter identifiable by the inclusion of a Wi-Fi dome on the roof. Further detail differences between First and Standard Class vehicles are also being incorporated to enable accurate formations to be created.


Hornby has also designed a new close-coupling bar for use between its Mk 4 carriages, which will further enhance the vehicles’ appearance when coupled together. The coupling bar clips into the NEM pocket on each vehicle and is suitable for use on second radius curves and above.


Prices are set at £36.99 for the Mk 4 carriages and £69.99 for the Mk 4 DVTs. Delivery is anticipated later this year/early 2022.

Visit www.hornby.com for more information.