Hornby shows new LSWR & LMS Brake vans in colour

HORNBY has received decorated samples of its new ‘OO’ gauge models of the London & South Western Railway (LSWR) 20/24ton and London, Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS) 20ton brake vans. Railway (LMS) 20ton brake vans.

The LSWR ‘New Vans’ are being released in LSWR brown with red ends (Cat No. R6911/R6911A), Southern Railway brown with red ends (R6913/R6913A) and BR grey (R6915/R6915A). Each version will have a different running number and the Hornby design team has also included interior detail as well as the sanding mechanism fitted to these vans. Delivery is expected this November.

The LMS 20ton brake van is being produced in LMS grey (Cat No. R6907/R6907A) and BR bauxite (R6909/R6909A). It has been researched using a preserved example at the Spa Valley Railway and, like the LSWR brake van, will feature interior detail. Release is scheduled for late November.

All of the vans will have turned metal wheels and small tension lock couplings in NEM pockets. Prices are set at £22.99 for the LMS brake vans and £24.99 for the LSWR vans.

Visit www.hornby.com for more information.