Hornby ‘TT:120’ Class 50 edges closer

Development of Hornby’s newly-tooled ‘TT:120’ scale Class 50 Co-Co diesel is progressing well with CAD renders now complete and the first mouldings from the tooling received by the project’s design team for assessment.


Three ‘TT:120’ scale Class 50s are planned for the first batch of releases including 50007 Sir Edward Elgar in GW150 lined green (Cat No. TT3013M), 50040 Leviathan in BR large logo blue (TT3014M) and 50049 Defiance in GB Railfreight blue and orange (TT3015M).


Hornby’s new model has been developed following extensive research and data from a 3D-scan of the prototype and will feature a die-cast metal chassis, five-pole skew-wound motor, Next18 Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, directional lighting and separately fitted detailing. The first shots from the new tooling will now be thoroughly checked and tested before an Engineering Prototype sample is assembled.

Priced at £167.99, release is scheduled during Spring 2024.

• Visit www.hornby.com for more information.