Hornby 'TT:120' gains Triplex sound fitted locomotives

THE HORNBY 'TT:120' collection is set to expand in 2023 with the addition of a series of digital sound fitted locomotives using Hornby's newly revealed Triplex sound Bluetooth chips.

Hornby TT:120 Easterner train set.

Initial digital sound fitted models, factory fitted with a Next18 Triplex sound chip, will focus on the Easterner and Scotsman train sets which are due for release in June priced at £249.99 and £264.99 each.

In addition three 'A3s' will be offered with sound as 4472 Flying Scotsman (TT3004TXSM), 60078 Night Hawk (TT3005TXSM) and 60084 Trigo (TT3006TXSM) which will be joined by three sound fitted 'A4s' as 4468 Mallard (TT3007TXSM), 60016 Silver King (TT3008TXSM) and 60025 Falcon (TT3009TXSM). Prices for these six LNER 'Pacifics' are set at £194.49.

For diesel era 'TT:120' scale modellers will also benefit from the addition of three sound fitted HST power cars finished in BR blue and grey (TT3021TXSM), InterCity Executive (TT3022TXSM) and GWR green (TT3023TXSM). The HSTs with sound will cost £183.99.

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