I'Ad That vintage model railway layout

Launched in 1938 as the perfect table railway, I ‘ad that is a homage to the Hornby Dublo three rail system, which ceased production in 1964. But what if it had continued...?

I' Ad That vintage model railway layout.

Although marketed as a table layout, we have created a scenic version that incorporates many original accessories and is sympathetic to the original Hornby Dublo designs, with some modern tweaks, including 'neverwas' and 'what if' additions. Look out for the motorised turntable, traverser built from a scrap 3D printer, and our most recent addition – Hornby suspension bridge which has been 'Dublo’d'.

The 'OO' gauge rolling stock is a mixture of traditional Hornby Dublo (many of which have been restored from scrap) two rail locomotives which have been modified to run on the three rail system, and some 'neverwas' creations which are powered using Hornby Dublo original chassis/motors.

I' Ad That vintage model railway layout.

The layout is operated as a toy train set, not a model railway - this means that we don’t operate to timetables, scale speed is banned, as is rivet counting. We run whatever stock we like!

You may still have a three rail train set stored away in your loft - or you may just recall… “I ‘ad that!”

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