Buses and kits arguably have much in common: there’s nothing for ages, then everything arrives at the same time.

ICM 1/32 Tiger Moth

ICM’s 1/32 Tiger Moth proves this adage, arriving not long after Airfix’s 1/48 version. The Ukrainian firm seems to improve with every release and this is no exception, with finely moulded parts presented on five styrene runners. Cockpit framework is integral to the fuselage halves, which will aid assembly, and there’s a miniature of the type’s Gypsy Moth in-line engine (cowling panels can be removed or posed open to display the powerplant), plus a retracted blind-flying hood for the rear cockpit.

ICM provides a helpful rigging guide that includes advice on how to string two lengths of thread for the wing bracing wires, making this task much simpler. The two schemes are for a 3 Flight Training School airframe based at RAF Grantham and a Tiger Moth assigned to 25 (Polish) Elementary Flying Training School during 1944 as depicted on the box top artwork. With the popularity of this subject, there will be plenty of aftermarket accessories for this splendid kit.

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