Irish Railway Models’ Bulleid grain wagons

Irish Railway Models (IRM) is to produce the Corás Iompair Éireann (CIE) 12ton grain wagon in ‘OO’ gauge as part of its ‘Project Bulleid’ programme.


These wagons used Oliver Bulleid’s triangulated underframe as part of his rolling stock renewal programme. Based on earlier ‘H’ vans developed in the 1930s, 56 of these new wagons were built in the mid-1950s. They were distinguished from their predecessors with the addition of walkways, manholes on the roof, bodyside access and an unloading chute on the underside of the wagon. Due to high demand, 49 of the older ‘H’ vans were rebuilt to the new design. The wagons were used until the mid-1970s.

Engineering samples have already arrived for assessment, and these are the fourth models to be produced by IRM using Bulleid’s triangulated underframe. The wagons will feature etched metal and plastic detailing, turned sprung metal buffers, two styles of buffer - three-link and Instanter couplings supplied in a detail bag – and more.


Three triple-packs are planned - one in CIE brown and two in CIE grey – one of the latter two featuring a roundel and the other a snail on the wagon side.

Prices are set at €89.95 per pack with delivery anticipated for the fourth quarter of 2024.

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