Highline Hauler: 1/24 Scania S730 truck from Italeri

Commercial vehicle modellers will be thrilled to discover the latest truck kit from Italeri: a 1/24 replica of the Scania S730 Highline 4x2 tractor unit.
Read on to discover more about this new offering and discover how you can win an example with Airfix Model World.

Italeri 1/24 Scania S730 Highline first look

In total, Italeri's kit comprises nine styrene runners, a ‘tree’ containing six rubber tyres, a photo-etched brass fret, a bright decal sheet and a similar set of self-adhesive metallic decorative elements. As such, it’s a packed box and there’s plenty for any commercial vehicle modeller to get their teeth into.

Examining the contents reveals a wealth of newly tooled parts – of the nine runners, just two are recycled from preceding kits, with two yellow-toned, one black, two grey and a clear frame all being newly tooled for this offering. That’s surprising given truck kits often re-use older parts to continue a lineage of vehicle ‘families’, but it’s exceptionally welcome in this instance as S-series is a thoroughly modern type and its 1/24 replica reflects that fact. Those parts that are re-used date from Italeri’s 1997 Scania R144L, but remain crisp with no flash or moulding flaws exhibited.

Italeri 3927 1/24 Scania S730 Highline Engine

Above: While the parts for the Scania V8 engine are recycled from a 1997 kit, they remain beautifully crisp and finely detailed. Given this iteration depicts a vehicle celebrating 50 years of such an engine, the longevity of the styrene is fitting!

The new parts are the most exciting though, and these feature exquisite detail. In the interior, the door cards feature full-depth linings, the seats are convincingly padded and even the roof includes accurate fixtures – that said, the highlight is the stunning one-piece dashboard, featuring an ergonomic arrangement of panels, storage solutions and instrument displays. It will take beautifully to careful painting and washes – the only downside is for British modellers, as the part ensures just a left-hand drive configuration is possible.

Italeri 3927 1/24 Scania S730 Highline Dashboard

Above: Italeri's newly tooled dashboard part is simply stunning; the displays are accurate and feature convincing depth, while the storage bins and glovebox areas appear so realistic one may attempt to open them...

Italeri 3927 1/24 Scania S730 Highline Seats

Above: Seating is equally attractive, with padded sections appearing neat. Note the 'V8' engravings on the headrests - part of the décor for the celebratory limited-edition.

Italeri 3927 1/24 Scania S730 Highline Interior

Above: Producing new parts specifically for this kit ensures the vehicle is replicated as accurately as possible and the results are stunning. Even elements such as the door cards (top left) and the roof lining (bottom right) include moulded relief.

Moving to the exterior, Italeri has again pulled out all the stops to recreate the imposing appearance of this heavy hauler convincingly. The entirety of the outer section is newly tooled so features beautifully fine panel line engravings, neat grille patterns and refined fifth-wheel fittings. Under the skin, the engine firewall is similarly well-appointed with moulded relief that will come to life via careful decoration – the separate multi-part powerplant sub-assembly will add even more visual interest to this section.

Italeri 3927 1/24 Scania S730 Highline Engine Firewall

Above: If the engine cover is displayed open, this beautiful moulded relief will provide valuable visual interest - the yellow-toned styrene doesn't do the features justice, but careful detail painting and washes will bring the engine bay 'to life'.

Italeri 3927 1/24 Scania S730 Highline Door

Above: Scania's S-series is a thoroughly up-to-the-minute vehicle and Italeri's kit reflects that, as the external panel lines are sharp and crisp. The imposing lines of the tractor unit are captured faithfully.

Options include posing the front engine cover and cab doors open – both revealing the stunning detail otherwise hidden – plus Italeri’s usual hinge system means intrepid modellers can tip the cab forward to further expose the engine. The latter option isn’t suggested in the instructions, but all the required constituents appear to be in place for the appropriate display.

Italeri 3927 1/24 Scania S730 Highline Photo-Etched PE Brass

Above: Photo-etched components add further refinement and the exceptionally fine grilles enable areas behind the engine cover to be seen via careful examination.

Decals are supplied for a single scheme – an overall yellow vehicle with large emblems showing it’s a V8 50th Anniversary limited-edition model; Scania having produced vehicles with this type of powerplant since 1969. Registration plate decals cater for various European states including Italian, German, French, Belgian, Dutch, Swiss and Polish trucks. Adding to the left-hand drive conundrum, British plates include a registration currently used by a black BMW hatchback or a notional set of digits.

Italeri 3927 1/24 Scania S730 Highline Decals

Above: Decals are supplied for the V8 50th Anniversary livery, plus other trim elements and a range of licence plate options.

Overall, this is an exciting and very welcome relief from Italeri, and one that is sure to be popular with commercial vehicle enthusiasts and modellers. The kit retails for £84.99 – it and further details are available from: www.hobbyco.net.


Two lucky readers have the chance to win an Italeri 1/24 Scania S730 Highline 4x2 kit, which retails for approximately £84.99, courtesy of importer The Hobby Company. Click the link below to discover how you could win! Closing date September 30, 2022.