Kato amends Class 800 seating issue

Kato amends Class 800 seating issue


Kato is to amend the interior moulding unit for one of the vehicles in its recently-released ‘N' gauge Class 800 InterCity Express Train (IET).

Following feedback to the company soon after release of the initial batch of five-car units, it was discovered the interior moulding in the fourth vehicle did not match the seating configuration of the real thing. Car four on GWR IETs is a composite vehicle, which includes a section of First Class seating. Within the ‘N’ gauge model a Standard Class seating unit appears to have been used, featuring a mix of airline and table seats.

Whilst this cosmetic - and largely unseen – issue is unfortunate, Kato is working on a solution that will result in replacement corrected seat units being manufactured for this vehicle. Customers who have already purchased models will be able to gain a replacement seat unit in due course. This only affects the initial batch of GWR Class 800 IETs and will be corrected for the release of the LNER Azuma liveried models and subsequent runs of GWR units.

Once Gaugemaster has received replacement mouldings, these will be made available for customer fitment (with instructions) on presentation of a proof of purchase. Alternatively, the affected vehicle can be returned to the original retailer or Gaugemaster which will update the interior and return it to the customer.

In a statement, the company added, “KATO’s absolute commitment to quality is such that the decision was taken not to accept this sort of compromise on a project that all parties have invested a considerable amount of energy into.”

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