Kreuzweg - Swiss HOm

Gauge: HOm | Period: 2010s | Region: Switzerland | Operating team: Oliver Browne and friends

Kreuzweg Swiss HOm model railway layout.

I’ve had a fascination with the meter gauge railways of the Swiss Alps for as long as I can remember, particularly the red livery of the most extensive network, the Rhaetian Railway, or the RhB for short. At some point in 2019 I bit the bullet and purchased an RhB locomotive from eBay, which was swiftly followed with a trip to visit the famous curving ‘Landwasser Viadukt’. In fact, it is this bridge that I actually wanted to represent in model form, but once planned out the sheer scale of the layout was too great a challenge for my first effort at building a scenic model.

Instead, I settled on creating a pair of modules that would form a diorama for my ever-increasing collection of RhB trains to run through. The result is Kreuzweg, a fictional location but based on several actual scenes on the line between Klosters and Davos. Kreuz (cross) weg (path) is the name of a ski piste that drops down into Klosters, passing underneath the line, and one that I skied myself during my second visit to the area in March 2020.

Kreuzweg Swiss HOm model railway layout.

The diorama was deliberately conceived as a practice model and includes all of the techniques that I will need on the eventual viaduct layout. These include; plaster rock castings, carved stonework, fast running water, snow, 3D printed signals, and catenary. Rolling stock is exclusively by BEMO and the permanent way is 12mm gauge PECO flexitrack. The layout is currently operated in DC.

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