Ukrainian firm Foxbot Decals has released 1/48 markings for home-based L-39 jets.
CHRIS CLIFFORD takes a look.


Types such as the MiG-29 Fulcrum and Su-25 Frogfoot have already been addressed by Foxbot Decals, but here it turns its attention to Ukrainian Air Force Aero L-39 trainers, particularly L-39C/M1 sub-types.

With its usual eye on finer details, the company provides decals for three different L-39s, and the national insignia, correctly, differs in the shade of blue employed on individual aircraft. While no unit information is given (save for the base), the trio of L-39s is almost certainly from the 299th BrTA, stationed at Nikolayev-Kulbakino in Ukraine.

All three of the jets are finished in Fir Green and Leaf Green, but while two of these feature Fir Green camouflage shapes akin to Mickey Mouse ears, the third is painted in a cool digital pattern. All sport yellow-edged blue Bort (side) numbers on the nose, and unit badges on the air intakes. There’s also plenty of stencilling to make your build look busier and more accurate, and the non-digital pair also wear an albatross motif on the intakes.

Foxbot’s usual excellent printing standards are evident, and the large colour instruction sheet gives paint codes for RAL, Federal Standard and Vallejo shades. Note that Foxbot also produces camouflage masking sets for the two relevant patterns here (sets FM48-015 and -016, digital and ‘Mickey Mouse’ respectively), which is useful because reproducing the digital shapes would be especially difficult otherwise. The aircraft in question are:

L-39C, Blue 77, 2015
L-39M1, Blue 79, 2014
L-39M1, Blue 80, 2019

These decals are suitable for the MPM/Special Hobby/Eduard, and Trumpeter kits. For further details visit: www.foxbot.com.ua