Latest Class 91 colour renders

Hornby has released 3D colour renders of its all-new Class 91 Bo-Bo AC electric as a follow-up to the InterCity liveried version shown in HM153. Newly completed by the Hornby Development Team are 91118 The Fusiliers in LNER red (Cat No. R3891), 91111 For the Fallen in its unique VTEC livery (R3892) and 91117 Cancer Research UK in GNER blue (R3893).

The new Class 91 is to feature an 8-pin decoder socket, die-cast chassis, all-wheel drive, a five-pole motor and directional lighting as standard as well as sprung buffers, full bufferbeam pipework and more. Prices are set at £179.99 per locomotive with release anticipated in winter 2020/2021.

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