Legacy Track Plans


Legacy Models has expanded its range of 'OO' gauge track with a selection of all-new flat-bottom rail flexible track and fishplates.

Supplied with Code 75 or Code 100 nickel rail, each length of the new flexible track measures 914mm, features a ‘real steel’ appearance, improved ‘wooden’ sleeper size and spacing, enhanced chair detailing and compatibility with existing ‘OO’ gauge track products.

Priced at £99.95 per box of 25 lengths, Legacy Models’ all-new ‘OO’ gauge flat-bottom rail flexible track is available now from DCC Concepts or Rails of Sheffield.


Complementing the Code 75 and Code 100 flexible track, all-new metal and insulated rail joiners have also been developed.

Available in packs of 25 or 50, they are priced at £3.49/£6.95 for the metal joiners and £2.95/£5.95 for insulated examples.

Visit www.dccconcepts.com or www.railsofsheffield.com for more details.