VIDEO: Locoman Sounds 'A3' ESU decoder

Locoman Sounds has created a brand new sound file for the LokSound platform capturing the sounds of Gresley 'A3' 4-6-2 60103 Flying Scotsman. We showcase the capabilities of the decoder in this video.

A3 sound

This decoder features an extensive array of engine and ancillary sound functions including the option to install lamps, a smoke generator and firebox flicker using the latest ESU LokSound 5 decoder. Our Hornby model of 4472 Flying Scotsman was pre-fitted by Locoman Sounds to showcase the decoders abilities and featured an 8-pin version of the sound decoder in the locomotive together with a 40mm x 20mm twin speaker from the ZIMO range in the tender.

In this video we show the model at work on Topley Dale hauling a rake of Hornby Pullman carriages and we also demonstrate a selection of its additional sound functions beyond the high quality running sounds.

Watch the model in action here and ready our full review in HM157 - on sale now.

A3 sound