Maunsell Dining Saloons - first samples

Maunsell Dining Saloons - first samples

Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of Hornby’s newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge Maunsell Dining Saloons have arrived with the manufacturer's development team for evaluation.


Complementing Hornby’s previously-released Maunsell First Class Kitchen/Dining car, four carriages are due to appear, with two Third Class examples in Southern Railway olive green as 1343 and 1366 (Cat Nos. R40030/A) together with two Composites finished as 7841 and 7843 in British Railways green (R40031/A)


Six ‘low-window’ Third Class restaurant Dining Saloons were built in 1927, providing seating and tables for those wishing to dine onboard. These were later reclassified as Open Thirds, although a change of fortunes resulted in them being updated in the late 1940s with new interiors – four becoming Composites, while the remaining two were restored to all-First Class accommodation.


Hornby’s tooling suite will cater for detail differences between the Third and Composite vehicles, while the First Class area of the latter is also due to feature curtains.


Priced at £54.99 each, they are currently slated for a 2022 release.

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