Megapoints’ Autosignal Controller

Megapoints’ Autosignal Controller


Megapoints Controllers has introduced a new modern colour light signal controller to its range of model railway electronics.

Autosignal is designed to automatically operate modern two, three and four-aspect colour light signals – including feather indicators – independently of control systems.

The device has been designed to work with various sensors such as Digital Command Control (DCC) current sensing for automatic block occupancy, points position sensors for automatic feather switching and also infra-red sensors for analogue layouts. In addition, it also features LEDs which mimic what aspect a signal is displaying.

Multiple Autosignal devices can be connected which will automatically communicate with each other to ensure the correct aspects display at each signal in sequence, and link together using servo-type cables.

An adjustable timer is also included for standalone operation or to simulate ‘off-scene’ signalling, while a built-in circuit will enable the device to operate Automated Braking Control (ABC) too, bringing DCC operated locomotives to a stand at red signals automatically.

Available for common positive (common cathode) and common negative (common anode) signals, it is designed for use with 12volt LEDs.

Priced at £25 each, Megapoints Controllers’ new Autosignal Controller is available now.

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