By: Dragon Item no: 3605

Price: £121.99 Web:

Despite claims to the contrary, this isn’t a completely new tooling. Instead it’s a mix of Italeri’s M977 parts (three runners) and three additional frames from Dragon that provide specific M1120 items, such as chassis beams, missile canisters/ erector mechanism and wheels, plus DS-styrene tyres. Given the price, it’s a curious combination, as disparities in mould quality are apparent immediately. However, its appears to be an accurate M1120 Load Handling System, on which an eight-round missile pallet is attached. The latter benefits from eight turned aluminium tubes for the canisters, with photoetched brass buckles. Just one option is included, for raised/lowered missiles, but this will build into an impressive model. The single scheme depicts one vehicle deployed to South Korea in 2017, but ‘Inert’ labels are supplied…yet all reference photos show the launchers to be operational, with ‘live’ missiles



Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind

By: Revell

Item no: 03267 Price: £17.99


Revell’s Wirbelwind appears to be a re-box of the MACO offering, itself based on the former’s Pz.Kpfw.IV chassis parts and gun parts from its Sd.Kfz.7/1. It comprises six styrene runners, and due to the mix-and-match approach, there are plenty of spares. Despite the original moulds being almost two decades old, the main hull and running gear is first-rate in terms of quality and detail, as are the flak components, while the six-sided turret is even more refined in terms of crispness and the wafer-thin sides. Two styles are provided, low- and high-sided; these are identified as ‘12.PD’ and ‘Series’ and latter is the more familiar design, while the former has a recess on one side, where up to eight magazines would otherwise be located. Two late-war three-toned camouflage schemes are offered:

• Series turret, 10. Pz.Gren Div., Berlin, April 1945

• 12.PD Turret, Pz.Regt.12, Bretagne, France, summer 1944



Tiran 4 Early Type

By: MiniArt

Item no: 37010 Price: £57.99


MiniArt’s T-54/55 odyssey reaches the early Tiran 4, which was a minimal upgrade to the basic T-54. All the Israeli upgrades are incorporated, namely the rear turret- (for water) and mudguardmounted (for fuel) jerrycans, changed mudflaps, rearwards opening loader’s hatch, pintlemounted .30 cal machine gun and locally-produced rear hull stowage bin. Given there are 87 styrene runners, plus a comprehensive photo-etched brass fret, such alterations are easy to include, and the result is a fully detailed interior (engine, transmission, driver’s section and fighting compartment), plus a stunning exterior…the hardest challenge will be displaying everything. Considering the amount of styrene and overall refinement provided, it’s great value. The three markings options depict overall IDF Sand Grey machines assigned to unidentified units.



T26E2 Pershing

By: Milicast

Item no: US13 Price: £25.95


The emergence of German Panther and Tiger tanks led to the development of the T26 Pershing; this is the first 1/76 kit of the type and Milicast’s resin is detailed superbly. Comprising more than 30 crisply cast parts, including a single piece hull, all of the tank’s characteristics are captured faithfully, from the curved glacis plate to the massive turret. Four track sections are cast separately, which allows for open spaces around the drive and idler wheels that would otherwise be filled by flash. The twopiece main armament incorporates a separate double-baffle muzzle brake, and commendably, there was little warping on the barrel. Options include open/closed hatches; these feature integrally cast inner handles and optic blocks. No markings are supplied, but the first 20 tanks deployed in early 1945 were painted overall Olive Drab.



Churchill Mk.VII Crocodile

By: Tamiya

Item no: 32594 Price: £24.99


Tamiya’s kit, which portrays the flame-throwing Churchill with its own fuel/nitrogen trailer, combines splendid moulding with real buildability. The latter is exemplified by the hull sides that have the suspension units moulded integrally. Upper deck rendering is crisp and workmanlike, the link-and-length tracks look great and the separate styrene tow cables have fine twist patterning. A real highlight is the well-detailed trailer coupling, and the trailer itself is a gem. Pleasingly, the commander figure is not like a bar of soap, sporting fine features. There’s rich colouring on the decals supplied, for two post-D-Day overall green vehicles:

• ‘Briton’, 34th Tank Brigade, France, July 1944

• 79th Armoured Division, Northwest Europe, 1944



Medium Tank M4A1 Sherman

By: UM

Item no: 371 Price: £11.95


UM kits aren’t brand new, but they have been hard to find in the UK until a recent import deal was struck with Tiger Hobbies. If one is into small-scale armour, this item and other Shermans in the range will appeal no end. There’s a wealth of detail: UM’s M4A1 replicates a small-hatch ‘dry’ hull with one-piece final drive assembly. The six runners are packed with parts, which include worthy link-and-length tracks, convincing VVSS suspension units, separate tools and hatches, and photo-etched brass components. These comprise lamp frames, mudguard ends and suspension skids, although the latter will be hard to shape due to their size.

The decals are very matt in finish, but cater for the following two US Army tanks:

• ‘Duck’, 11th Tank Battalion, 10th AD, 1943

• ‘Hell on Wheels’, 13th Armored Regt, 2nd AD, Sicily, 1943



Soviet T-28 Medium Tank

By: Trumpeter

Item no: 07150

Price: £14.99


This is Trumpeter’s second T-28 (the first was a 1/35 offering), and depicts the late-production A-version, with short-barrelled main gun and welded armour… although the turret incorrectly features the early style riveted plates. There are four styrene runners, plus separate lower hull and main turret; the tracks and running gear are supplied as single-piece slide-moulded items. No flash was apparent on the parts — there are large ejector pin marks on the suspension arms, but these will be hidden by the run-off/side skirt plates. None of the hatches may be posed open, but the combination of refined detail on the exterior, plus the subject’s unusual nature more than compensates. Three Russian Green vehicles are supplied, but without any unit identification, although the boxtop option is likely to have been a participant in the Red Square Parade, Moscow in 1933.



Cruiser Tank A41 Centurion

By: Platz

Item no: GP-39

Price: US71.44


Don’t be fooled by this kit’s connection with Japanese anime (in this case girls’ schools with access to heavy armour), as it’s a re-boxing of AFV Club’s excellent Centurion, but with parts for the initial version. Perhaps surprisingly, this is the first styrene offering of the early A41 Centurion, and comprises 12 styrene runners, separate lower hull, vinyl tyres (for the roadwheels) and band-style tracks, turned brass barrel, brass springs (for the working suspension) and a length of thread. It doesn’t have an interior, but the exterior is festooned with detail; the running gear is notable for its refinement, and the type’s extensive stowage has been captured accurately. The single scheme is for the All-Stars University Team vehicle, captained by Alice Shimada in 2015’s Girls und Panzer der film. Modellers wanting to build a machine from 1945 must source aftermarket decals.



Ferrari SF70H

By: Tamiya

Item no: 20068 Price: £54.99


When Tamiya announces a new racing car kit, there’s a frisson of excitement among auto modellers, and none more so than when its 1/20 SF70H was revealed. The crisply moulded parts are supplied in three colours on five styrene runners, making this suitable for novices as well as experienced builders, and the clever components breakdown ensures the vehicle’s sinuous curves are captured accurately. Hollow vinyl tyres, self-adhesive mirror surfaces and paint masks are accompanied by three decal sheets (one supplying reverse-application items for the soft-compound tyres), plus Tamiya’s signature screws complete the package. Helpfully, the car’s carbon fibre-textured sections are included as decals, along with a six-point harness. Either of Ferrari’s entrants (#5 or #7) to the 2017 Australian Grand Prix can be built, as driven by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen.



Taxi de la Marne


Item no: 35659 Price: £22.99


Having delighted auto fans with its Ford Model Ts, ICM has released a newly tooled Renault AG 1, which became famous when 1,300 were used to transport French troops to the Battle of Marne in 1914. It’s a surprisingly simple kit, with just four styrene runners, plus solid vinyl tyres. That aside, it’s a delight, and features superbly moulded parts, with minimal seams and an absence of flash/ sink marks. A seven-piece replica of the 1.2 lit 2-cylinder engine is provided, along with the type’s unusual rear-mounted radiator. ICM has included an accurate taxi meter and even brake and gear levers. Options are restricted to just open/closed passenger doors, although the bonnet can also be posed open to display the engine. A single red/black scheme is supplied, with three examples of period registration plates.



Freightliner FLD 120 Special

By: Italeri

Item no: 3925 Price: £49.99


Italeri’s FLD makes a welcome return with a new set of decals. Otherwise, the contents are identical to previous iterations, with nine styrene runners and ten vinyl tyres. There are two chromeplated frames, but as many items are supplied in halves, modellers may wish to strip this coating and respray after assemblinbg them. It features an impressive chassis, powerplant and drivetrain, plus a well-furnished cab (including textured seats) and even the sleeping compartment (which will mostly be hidden) receives attention. The parts are notable for an absence of flash, sink marks and other moulding blemishes, while the transparencies are crystal clear. Two schemes are supplied (both for overall white chassis), in the form of a flametrailing American Eagle livery, or a comparatively sedate Gally Transportation vehicle, with blue/ orange trim.



2010 Ford Mustang GT

By: Revell Item no: 07046

Price: £29.99 Web:

This is a re-release of the now defunct Revell USA’s pleasing Ford Mustang GT kit, and comprises 12 styrene runners (including two for glazing) plus separate bodyshell, chassis and interior, with four hollow vinyl road tyres. As a Level 3 offering, it’s a bridge between snap-together and ‘proper’ products, and the body parts are moulded in bright yellow to assist in painting, while there’s also a chrome-plated runner for the wheels and brightwork. There’s much to savour here, from the detailed engine and transmission, to the well-appointed left-hand driveconfigured interior — it even has seatbelt brackets and buckles (all that’s missing is the actual harness). A single scheme is provided, for a yellow car with black stripe, but there are three different trim styles on the decal sheet, which should cater for most body shell colours…a generous selection of US and European registration plates are also supplied.