Inside-out double gunner


MINIART’S RECENT 1/35 M3 Lee tank returns with a full interior and Australian markings to depict vehicles used for homeland defence and training during World War Two. It’s a comprehensive package (32287) comprising 68 styrene runners (with 26 for the individual-link tracks), decals and a photo-etched fret. The wealth of detail ensures it's difficult to single out any one highlight; the interior surfaces offer convincing textured floor sections, wiring and pipework, plus separate fittings include ammunition storage, tools and crew weapons. External fixtures are also superb, with cast surfaces plus distinctive rivetted lower hull armour – all hatches can be posed open/closed. The tank’s powerplant incorporates a wonderful Wright R-975 engine plus neatly moulded gearbox and driveshaft casing, while both the turret-mounted 37mm gun and 75mm main armament are replicated with full aiming and firing mechanisms. Options for either the short-length M2 barrel with counterweight or the longer M3 version fitted to later tanks are provided to suit whichever of the four markings schemes are chosen. More on this and other MiniArt releases can be found at: