RMS Titanic

By: Airfix Item no: A55314

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Modellers without the display space for Airfix’s larger RMS Titanic offering (see Reviews, Dec 2019) may prefer this gift set, which is far more manageable, and comes with brushes, acrylic paints and Poly Cement. It comprises seven styrene runners, plus separate bow and stern deck sections and three-piece hull and superstructure. Despite the small scale, it’s bursting with detail, notably the integrally moulded panels and portholes on the hull and there is even piping on the funnels. As with Airfix’s other Titanics, it’s a re-boxed Academy offering, and shares a common mistake – the funnel colours, which were more of a tan tone, although modellers should check references. It can be built in either full-hull or waterline configuration and a neat five-piece stand is supplied. This is an ideal first ship kit, but equally could be made into a miniature masterpiece by more experienced builders.