BETTER KNOWN for its auto paints, US-based Model Car World Finishes has recently launched a Military Finishes range, for armour and aircraft.

Colours are available as either enamel (gloss or matt) or lacquer (gloss) formulations and these are supplied in 17ml and 30ml screw-top bottles, respectively. There are also weathering pigments, with initial tones including Buff (MIL-0100), Burnt Sienna (MIL-0104) and Burnt Umber (MIL-0105), which are provided in the smaller-sized containers.

Colours include:

• 1004 Light Gray Primer Lacquer

• 1000-E Enamel Reducer Slow

• MIL-5004 65% Flat Clear Lacquer

• MIL-6000 RAF Dark Green Gloss Lacquer

• MIL-6001 RAF Mid Stone Gloss Lacquer

• MIL-6002 RAF Ocean Gray Gloss Lacquer

• MIL-6003 RAF Sky Gloss Lacquer

• MIL-6004 RAF Med Sea Gray Gloss Lacquer

• MIL-6100 Light Stone Gloss Lacquer

• MIL-2015-E Sand Desert Storm Flat Enamel

• MIL-2105-E Interior Green FS 34151 Flat Enamel

• MIL-2108-E Underside Gray FS 16622 Gloss Enamel

• MIL-2113-E Green FS 14102 Gloss Enamel

• MIL-2132-E Olive Drab FS 33070 Flat Enamel

• MIL-6100-E British Light Stone Flat Enamel

Lacquers are US$7.50, pigments US$6 and enamels US$5; they are all available direct from: