ModelTech ProTrack Rail Aligner

ModelTech ProTrack rail aligner

Rail aligner

ModelTech has launched its model railway product - a new rail alignment sleeper web designed for portable baseboard joints in 'OO' gauge.

The ProTrack Rail Aligner offers a web of three sleepers with a solder pad on top and is designed to replace plastic sleepers at baseboard joints. The design includes interlocking end guides to assist in aligning track when baseboards are joined back together.

ProTrack Rail Aligner

The ProTrack Rail Aligner is available in 'OO' gauge (Cat No. TJS16001) priced at £10. Further versions are due for release covering 'O', 'N' and 'OO9' standard track systems as well as '0-16.5' narrow gauge and bullhead sleeper pattern 'OO' gauge track.

Visit for more information and look out for a full review in a future issue of Hornby Magazine.