More KR Consett hoppers

Another batch of KR Models' 'OO' gauge Consett Iron Ore hopper wagons is planned - note: previous release shown for illustrative purposes.

KR Models has confirmed a second run of its recent ‘OO’ gauge Consett Iron Ore hoppers (HM180) with new running numbers.

The Consett Iron Ore hopper wagons had a capacity of 56tons and were specially constructed for transporting the mineral from Tyne Dock to Consett. They had vacuum brakes and four power-operated side discharge doors..

KR Models’ second batch of wagons will be available in three triple wagon packs finished as vehicles B446002, B446015 and B446026 (Pack D), B446008, B446018, and B446028 (Pack E) and B446012, B446019 and B446022 (Pack F). Each pack will be available with or without iron ore loads.

The triple-wagon packs are priced at £50 (unloaded) and £60 (loaded), with delivery expected in the first quarter of 2023.

Visit KR Models for more information.