More ‘OO’ GWR wagons from Rapido

Rapido Trains UK is to produce successor GWR designs to its Great Western Railway (GWR) ‘Iron Mink’ vans and four-plank open wagons which are due to arrive in shops during January. The models include new Diagram O11 and Diagram O15 five-plank opens and the Diagram V14 and Diagram V16 ‘Mink A’ wagons.

The GWR used the telegraphic code ‘Mink’ for most of its general purpose vans and thousands were built between the 1890s and the 1940s. The five-plank O11s were built between 1911-1919 and the O15s until 1922.

The open five-plank wagons feature full external and underframe details and also come supplied parts to fit the Williams patent sheet supporter in either the raised position or at rest. The ‘Mink A’ wagons are offered in a variety of options and are fitted with either spoked or disc wheels, long or short rainstrips and horizontally or vertically planked doors.

While design work on these projects is almost complete, liveries, running numbers and prices are still to be confirmed. Tooling is expected to begin soon.

Visit Rapido Trains UK for more information.