INTERNET-SAVVY modellers who follow Airfix’s Workshop Blog will have seen the announcement of an all-new 1/48 Bristol Blenheim for next year.

The Mk.If release will be the first twin-engined World War Two type to be moulded by Airfix with the very latest design and manufacturing methods. Note this is not simply an upscaled version of the firm’s 1/72 kit; it’s of a completely fresh design, which benefits not just from assistance offered by Duxford’s Aircraft Restoration Company, but also the Aviation Museum of Central Finland, which holds a wealth of original Blenheim factory drawings (Finland was the first export customer for the Blenheim). Airfix Model World has seen various development images and CAD drawings, and the detail is sublime. Expect a full test-shot build close to the release date next year. For more information visit: