New Dapol 'N' gauge 'M7' 0-4-4T EP sample surfaces

New Dapol 'N' gauge LSWR 'M7' 0-4-4T EP sample surfaces

Dapol M7

Dapol has received a working Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its all-new 'N' gauge London and South Western Railway (LSWR) 'M7' 0-4-4T for assessment.

First announced in September 2019, Dapol's newly-tooled model will feature improved haulage capability thanks to a die-cast metal chassis, die-cast metal wheels, keyed axles (to prevent quartering slippage), improved pick-ups and three-pole can motor. While the models will not feature a Digital Command Control (DCC) interface, the space has been utilised to provide extra weight (48g) for improved traction, balance and running characteristics.

These highly detailed new models will also feature many separately applied detailing parts and be offered in a variety of colour schemes and identities as 'M7' 37 in Southern lined green (Cat No. 2S-016-005), 245 in LSWR lined green (2S-016-006), 246 in Southern black (2S-016-007), 30038 in British Railways lined malachite green (2S-016-008), 30248 in British Railways lined black (2S-016-009), 30673 in BR lined black with early crests (2S-016-010), 30245 in BR lined black with late crests (2S-016-011) and 35 in LSWR lined green (2S-016-012).

Following the 'N' gauge 'M7' running sample's evaluation, the project will progress to the decoration stage, with artwork already underway.

Prices are set at £97.95 each, with delivery anticipated during the second half of the year (Q3/Q4 2021).

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