UPDATED: New Dapol 'N' gauge 'M7' 0-4-4T EP sample surfaces

UPDATED: New Dapol 'N' gauge LSWR 'M7' 0-4-4T EP sample surfaces

Dapol M7

Dapol has received a working Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its all-new 'N' gauge London and South Western Railway (LSWR) 'M7' 0-4-4T for assessment.

First announced in September 2019, Dapol's newly-tooled model will feature improved haulage capability thanks to a die-cast metal chassis, die-cast metal wheels, keyed axles (to prevent quartering slippage), improved pick-ups and three-pole can motor. While the models will not feature a Digital Command Control (DCC) socket, it will be DCC 'friendly' as a wired connection will be provided to the coal bunker, where a PCB with terminated wire connections will enable a wired micro decoder to be soldered in place. A factory-fitted DCC model will also be available.

These highly detailed new models will also feature many separately applied detailing parts and be offered in a variety of colour schemes and identities as 'M7' 37 in Southern lined green (Cat No. 2S-016-005), 245 in LSWR lined green (2S-016-006), 246 in Southern black (2S-016-007), 30038 in British Railways lined malachite green (2S-016-008), 30248 in British Railways lined black (2S-016-009), 30673 in BR lined black with early crests (2S-016-010), 30245 in BR lined black with late crests (2S-016-011) and 35 in LSWR lined green (2S-016-012).

Following the 'N' gauge 'M7' running sample's evaluation, the project will progress to the decoration stage, with artwork already underway.

Prices are set at £97.95 for DCC 'friendly' and £135.45 for DCC fitted models, with delivery anticipated during the second half of the year (Q3/Q4 2021).

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.