New ‘Warwells’ gain colour

Decorated samples of Hattons’ Originals’ third production run of ‘OO’ gauge 50ton ‘Warwell’ military flat wagons have arrived for evaluation.


Eight ‘OO’ gauge Hattons Originals models are set to appear with new running numbers (and some new livery options), including six diamond framed bogie military flats as GWR variant No. 8 in WD livery (Cat No. H4-WW-001B), LMS variant No. 57 in WD livery (H4-WW-002B), LNER variant No. 30 in WD livery (H4-WW-003B), M360335 in BR grey (H4-WW-006B), M360332 in BR brown (H4-WW-007A) and 83020 in MOD 1960s green (H4-WW-021), together with Gloucester GPS bogie fitted MODA95532 in MOD 1970s green (H4-WW-022) and modified MODA95535 in MOD 2000s green with yellow ends.

Priced at £25 each, release is anticipated during the second quarter of 2024.

Visit Hattons for more information.