Marcel Bloch MB.152 (Late) By: Dora Wings

Item no: DW 48019

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French military aviation fans will enjoy Dora Wings’ latest 1/48 Marcel Bloch MB.152, which depicts a ‘late’ version of the World War Two fighter The main difference between this and the preceding MB.152C.1 release appears to be the three-piece engine cowling. These fit around a fine six-part Gnome-Rhône radial engine, which includes photo-etched (PE) metal components and a neat cylinder block. Similarly, the cockpit is a well-appointed affair, containing a PE seat plus styrene control column and rudder controls. Four machines, all France-based, are depicted:

• 622/White 15, Caporal-Chef Szaposznikow, 3 Esc GC II/6, Châteauroux, June 1940

• 672/White 11, GC II/9, Aulnat, 1942

• 236/Blue Z, Sout-Lieutenant Lamaison, 2 Esc GC I/8, Velaine-enHaye, April 1940

• 528/White 7 Sargent-Chef E Prchal, 1 Esc GC I/8, Claye-Souilly, 1940