New kits from LCUT Creative

LCUT Creative has added a selection of new 2mm and TT:120 scale models to its expanding range of laser-cut kits.


New to the range are a lineside office and retaining wall units - each offered in 2mm and ‘TT:120’ scales. The laser-cut lineside hut measures 16mm x 23mm in 2mm scale and 22mm x 29mm in TT:120 scale, while the section of retaining wall measures 30mm x 57mm (49mm deck height) in 2mm scale and 38mm x 73mm (61mm deck height) in TT:120 scale.


The retaining wall section has been designed so multiple sections can be linked together to form a more substantial structure, either with a slight lean or vertically. If the deck is omitted, the retaining wall sections can also be gently curved.


A new signalbox kit is also due to be added to the range imminently. 


Prices for the lineside hut are set at £2.99/£3.69 respectively, while the retaining wall section is priced at £1.59/£2.19, plus postage and packing.

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