New Metcalfe Industrial Installations

Metcalfe Models is adding a series of new ‘OO’ and ‘N’ gauge Industrial buildings and structures to its range of card construction kits.


Metcalfe Models' new kits include the return of the reworked brewery (Cat No. PO288/PN188), together with a factory building (PO287/PN187) and an old mill chimney stack (PO401/PN991).

The factory building can be built in full or low relief, while the chimney stack has been designed to match with existing buildings, so can standalone or be incorporated with other structures in the range.


Prices are set at £19 (‘OO’)/£13 (‘N’) for the brewery, £18 (‘OO’)/£14 (‘N’) for the old factory and £9 (‘OO’)/£7 (‘N’) for the chimney. Release is planned during November.

•Visit Metcalfe Models for more information.