New ‘OO’ Class 31s debut

New ‘OO’ Class 31s debut


Hornby's development team have received decorated samples of the next production run of the popular ‘OO’ gauge Class 31 A1A-A1A diesel for checking over.


Two new models are due for release this Summer, finished as D5627 in BR green (Cat No. R3917) and 31147 Floreat Salopia in BR Civil Engineers’ ‘Dutch' grey and yellow colour scheme (R3880).


D5627 represents the prototype during the 1960s when based on BR's Eastern Region, with allocations to Stratford, March and Finsbury Park, while 31147 represents the class during later life in departmental use with high-intensity headlights, following its naming in 1993.

Prices are set at £179.99 each.

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