NEW SERIES 8: Digital Sound Introduction | Part One

Launching today at 8pm today - March 8 2024 - is our brand-new video series offering an introduction to the world of Digital Sound for model railways. In this new four part series, we will explore what digital sound has to offer and how to install and use decoders from Hornby, ZIMO and ESU.

SERIES 8: Digital Sound introduction | PART ONE

This brand new four-part video series features - new parts release every Friday in March:

PART ONE: Digital Sound Introduction - FREE to view on YouTube and from March 8 2024

In part one Mike Wild and Jonathan Newton talk through the basics of digital sound as well as demonstrating factory sound fitted locomotives, exploring their functions and how they can be controlled using a digital handset.

PART TWO: Hornby Triplex Sound - FREE to view on with a free member account from March 15 2024

In part two we start our trilogy of sound installation features by working with the new Hornby Bluetooth Triplex Sound chips - available now from the Key Model World Shop. During part two we show how to add an 8-pin chip to a Hornby Class 60, a 21-pin chip to the LMS 'Turbomotive' and a Next18 chip to a TT:120 scale 'A4' 4-6-2 taking you through every step of the journey including sound uploads.

PART THREE: ZIMO digital sound - Available exclusive on with a Premium Subscription from March 22 2024

In the third part of our series we move to look at the ZIMO sound decoder family and their capabilities as we install a PLUX22 decoder in a Bachmann Class 40 with factory speakers and then show how a 21-pin decoder, an upgrade speaker and basis stay alive can be added to the Hornby BR '9F' 2-10-0.

PART FOUR: ESU digital sound - Available exclusive on with a Premium Subscription from March 29 2024

In the fourth and final part of our series, the ESU LokSound sound decoder family gets our focus as we show how to install a Next18 decoder in a Bachmann narrow gauge locomotive, a Locoman Sounds ESU chip in a Bachmann BR '5MT' 4-6-0 and a Class 68 sound profile in the Dapol model. A Premium Subscription to Key Model World starts from £3.99 a month and includes full access to all previous video series, exclusive layout tour videos, more than 6,000 modelling articles, back issues to 2015 and - new for 2024 - discounted travel on Railway Touring Company main line steam tours.

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