REVELL’S FRESH moulding for this year includes a 1/32 Spitfire Mk.IXc…which has just been released as kit 03927. It offers a viable option for modellers whose budget can’t stretch to a Tamiya kit in the same scale, and has pleasing detail points, although some may consider the portrayal of rivets as being over-sized. The company has done its homework in many areas, as tiny details such as the fuselage IFF bushing are included, and the cockpit is suitably busy for the scale. The two schemes chosen means that alternative fishtail and late tubular exhausts are provided, along with narrow- and broad-chord rudders, and standard/ clipped wingtips. Separate flying control surfaces also feature, and there’s three-piece glazing. A hint of flash has crept in on certain components…a trait that’s dogged some Revell releases of late, but it’s very minor.

Bombs and racks are provided, although the undercarriage is fiddly as the main legs come in two parts each. Pleasing liveries are offered, with the silver (camouflaged upper nose) clipped-wing option MJ250/ UF-Q of 601 Squadron Auxiliary Air Force, and another we’ve not seen produced in decal form before; it’s MJ832/DN-T ‘City of Oshawa’, in day fighter camouflage and with 416 Squadron (RCAF) maple leaf and lynx nose art.