‘O’ gauge bracket signal EPs

‘O’ gauge bracket signal EPs

Dapol has received the first working Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its forthcoming servo-operated ‘O’ gauge bracket and junction signals for evaluation.


Four all-new GWR signals form the initial batch of releases including a right-hand junction signal with two arms and shorter post to the right (Cat No. 7L-001-005), left-hand junction signal with two arms and the shorter post to the left (7L-001-006), right-hand single bracket with one arm (7L-001-007) and left-hand single bracket with one arm (7L-001-007).


Prices are set at £105 for junction signals and £95 for single bracket signals.

Release is anticipated during the first quarter of 2022.


Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.