'O' gauge TTAs next for Dapol

'O' gauge TTAs next for Dapol


Dapol is producing a series of all-new ‘O’ gauge TTA tank wagons.

First introduced in the early 1960s, a large number of these distinctive monobloc tank wagons were built to modernise the transportation of liquid petroleum and chemical products including aviation fuel, bitumen, diesel, gas oil, petrol, liquified petroleum gas and more. They were subsequently designated TTA (plus variants) under TOPS in the 1970s.

Dapol’s tooling suite will cater for modifications and variations to the fleet through the years, with examples appearing in 45ton Class A and Class B forms initially. Further variants will be introduced later.


Already at the first Engineering Prototype (EP) sample stage, the manufacturer’s specification for these newly-tooled wagons includes a weighted tank barrel, compensated chassis, detailed underframe, separately applied etched metal handrails, walkways, ladders and steps, sprung metal buffers, metal Instanter couplings and three-hole disc wheels.

Eleven different models are planned for the first batch of models with a raft of liveries and identities planned covering BP, Esso, Gulf, LPL, Regent, Shell/BP, Shell Oils and Texaco colour schemes. Once the EP samples have been assessed and any modifications made to the tooling, the models will progress to the decoration stage. Artwork is currently in progress.

Priced at £85 each, release is currently anticipated during the second quarter of 2022.

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.



Description Cat No.
45ton TTA tank BPO 37267, BP green (version 1) 7F-064-001
45ton TTA tank BPO 67695, BP grey (version 1) 7F-064-002
45ton TTA tank 512, Regent grey and red (version 1) 7F-064-003
45ton TTA tank 507, Shell BP grey and red (version 1) 7F-064-004
45ton TTA tank 65908, Shell Oils dark grey/stripe (version 1) 7F-064-005
45ton TTA tank TEX 510, Texaco livery (version 1) 7F-064-006
45ton TTA tank BPO 67090, BP green (version 2) 7F-064-007
45ton TTA tank 65744, LPL maroon (version 2) 7F-064-008
45ton TTA tank 6102, Esso grey with red chassis (version 2) 7F-064-009
45ton TTA tank 56325, Esso grey with red chassis (version 2) 7F-064-010
45ton TTA tank GULF 54235, Gulf red and grey (version 2) 7F-064-011