‘OO’ Car Carriers for EFE Rail

Bachmann has revealed that its next all-new ‘OO’ gauge model for the EFE Rail range will be the distinctive Newton Chambers Car Carrier. The company made the announcement at this weekend’s Diesel and Electric Modellers United (DEMU) showcase in Sutton Coldfield.


Introduced by British Railways Eastern Region in the early 1960s, the double-deck car carriers were mainly used on Anglo-Scottish services, although they were registered for use on train ferries to/from the Continent and in later life were also utilised on cross-country services to the West Country.


14 of the TCV (Two-Tier Motor Car Van) vehicles were built by Newton, Chambers & Co. and each was capable of accommodating six cars, with two lowered into the well of the vehicle while four were secured on the upper deck.


EFE Rail’s new ‘OO’ gauge models will be available in as-built vacuum braked condition and through-piped for steam heating as well in later dual braked condition with through-ETH (Electric Train Heating).


Eight models are planned initially finished in BR maroon with Eastern Region Car Transporter lettering as E96293E (Cat No. E86003), E96294E (E86004), E96296E in weathered condition (E86005), E96297E in weathered condition (E86006) and in BR blue and grey with Motorail branding as E96291E (E86007), E96294E (E86008), E96298E in weathered condition (E86009) and E96299E in weathered condition (E86010).


Currently in production, each will feature the prototypical panel lines and correct buffer beam arrangement together with the vehicle’s unique 6ft 9in wheelbase bogies, detailed brake gear, turned metal wheels and small tension lock couplings in NEM pockets.


Priced at £59.95 each, delivery is expected towards the end of 2023.

Visit Bachmann for more information.