Newton Chambers Car Transporter in ‘OO’ gauge from Heljan

Heljan’s range of ‘OO’ gauge rolling stock is set to expand in 2023 with the release of six coach packs featuring the stylish double-deck car transporters built by Newton Chambers for the Eastern Region of BR in 1960/1961.


In total 14 vehicles were built for Anglo-Scottish sleeper trains on the Eastern Region of British Railways. They were 64ft 1in long over buffers and had 6ft 9in wheelbase bogies. Each vehicle could convey six cars – two in a well between the bogies and four on the upper deck. Withdrawal came in the 1980s, but not before they were converted to dual braking and to operate with Electric Train Heat coaching stock.

The models are set to feature a high specification with the vehicles offered in matching triple packs of BR lined maroon as well as BR 'Motorail’ blue/grey to cover their entire 25-year career.

Features of the models cover both the original and revised pattern fibreglass roof lights plus vacuum brake/steam heat and dual brake/dual heating vehicles with Electric Train Heat (ETH) and air brake equipment added to several transporters towards the end of their life.


Other details include separately fitted handbrake wheels, end door details, air pipes plus etched train ferry lashing eyes. NEM coupling pockets with small tension locks together with sprung buffers are being fitted to each model as standard.

There will be three triple packs modelling Eastern Region car transporters in BR lined maroon. Pack 1 will contain E96288/E96289/E96290E, Pack 2 will contain E96286/E96293/E96297E and Pack 3 will contain E96286/E96291/E96294E. The BR Motorail blue/grey liveries packs will contain TCV E96290/E96297/E96298E in Pack 1 while Pack 2 will feature NVX E96291/E96294/2E9699E and Pack 3 comes weathered and contains NVV E96288/E96289/E96293E.

Factory prototypes are currently in the UK for review and production is expected for early 2023, with prices set at £229 per triple vehicle pack.

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