Peco's ‘Small England’ develops

Peco's ‘Small England’ develops


Peco’s forthcoming ‘OO9’ ‘Small England’ class 0-4-0TT has moved to the CAD/CAM stage of the development process.

Built in the 1860s, four ‘Small England’ 0-4-0TT locomotives were built for the Ffestiniog Railway by George England & Co. The first was introduced to service in 1863 for use on slate traffic and the line’s new passenger service.

Peco’s locomotive has been developed by Kato and the first batch is due to include 0-4-0TT No. 1 Princess in Ffestiniog Railway maroon (Cat No. 51-201-A) and 0-4-0TT No. 2 Prince in Ffestiniog Railway maroon. Each is expected to feature a coreless motor, flywheel and all-wheel pick-ups.

Prices and a delivery date have yet to be confirmed.

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