Polcombe Regis

Polcombe Regis a rural Southern Region terminus set in the 1960s and modelled in ‘N’ gauge.

Gauge: ‘N’ | Period: 1960s | Region: Southern | Operating team: Mark Pollard and friends

Polcombe Regis models a Southern Region terminus in 'N' gauge.

My model railway interest started as many with a ‘OO’ gauge layout, I then switched to ‘N’ gauge before progressing to ‘O’ gauge where I became a serial locomotive builder.

After helping out in my local model shop a few years ago, and looking at Graham Farish’s latest releases, I became really impressed with offering and how the models have improved over the part quarter of a century. I then came across British Finescale track and the one thing I could build in ‘N’ gauge which I can not have in ‘O’ gauge is to watch trains running through the countryside.

The die was cast for Polcombe Regis which is built on two 4ft x 2ft baseboards which are displayed close to eye level at shows. Lineside huts and a signalbox from laser-cut kits were followed by Severn Model etched brass products and Ration plastic kits to establish the scene. Working signals from Dapol were added and finally LED lighting to show the layout off. 

As an imaginary location in Southern England in Dorset where a variety of local traffic, holiday specials and freight would have run through the sleepy backwater, station of Polecombe Regis is an ideal place to watch the trains go by.